MNT-directory is dedicated to nanotechnology and more specifically, helping people understand it better. The future is here and we are happy to be part of it. Nanotechnology makes our lives easier, helping us in different fields from medicine to the automobile industry. Because of the complicated scientific information behind it, people often get confused and we want to change that. If you open Wikipedia and read something about nanoscience, you’ll get overwhelmed with the complexity of the information. This delays the development of nanotechnology, as people do not understand and often fear it.

Nanomedicine has seen the biggest delay in the development because of the lack of understanding it among the public. This is, of course, understandable. Nanoparticles crawling around your body is indeed scary to think about it. Especially considering the fact that they could be considered as tiny robots. So, when it comes to trials on the humans, there is always a problem with legislation and the general public. Educating people about nanomedicine is crucial for the fast development of the field.

MNT-directory is open to the contributions and we will be glad to see others providing informational content about Nano Technology. If you want to publish an article on our website, please contact us and send us your article.


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